Bissett’s Mud Bug

I’m on a kick just tying well-known patterns. They will go in my box for my own use. Bissett’s Mud Bug is another pattern, like the Louisiana Toad, created by a well-known Louisiana guide and sold by Orvis at the local Orvis store and online, below: Here’s mine. Maybe I clipped it too clean, but … More Bissett’s Mud Bug

Louisiana Toad

I was a big fan of Jose Wejebe and his show Spanish Fly. We lost a great fisherman when he was killed in an ulralight plane crash. My only complaint with his show is that he did not do a lot of fly fishing shows. It is no surprise then that my favorite show was … More Louisiana Toad

Ambassador of Kwan

The Kwan fly, a long-time popular redfish fly, started with the popular Kwan crab fly, characterized by the long, tan colored tail usually made with craft fur or EP fibers and usually having bars on it like a fish, made with a marker. Also characteristic is some orange included on the crab to represent the … More Ambassador of Kwan

Gulf Coast Council Suncatch Challenge

This information was found at on the Gulf Coast Council’s website. Suncatch Challenge coming April 1st Posted on March 18, 2021 by Catch Cormier Do you love catching bluegill, redears, warmouth or other sunfish species on fly rod? If so, the Suncatch Challenge is for you! The Suncatch Challenge is an initiative by the FFI Gulf Coast … More Gulf Coast Council Suncatch Challenge

Stripes are Next

Crappie fishing is just getting going good but the striped fish are also about to get started. White bass are primarily only found in Mississippi in rivers that connect to the big river of the same name. Unfortunately, here in Central MS we have fewer options for white bass than the northern counties with the … More Stripes are Next