An entire “Samurai” System or SUP-belt consists of:

  • PVC belt flyrod holder with rubber grommet line lock, slotted for a 2 inch belt
  • PVC belt paddle holder with VELCRO® cinch strap to add/remove holder with extra VELCRO® backing for paddle
  • 60 inch nylon, saltwater safe belt with plastic buckle, slotted for paddle holder, requires cutting end to fit waist size
  • stripping bucket with VELCRO® fly landing pad for keeping the fly or using a practice VELCRO® fly


the samurai locked and loaded

Cocked and locked with shooting line ready to roll!

A simple VELCRO® fly (not included) is handy to practice with, easily made with an inch long piece of the hook side of VELCRO® rolled over a loop of 50 lb monofilament.

No longer available for re-sale.



10 thoughts on “Products

    1. Jay, I have your order and am preparing your system, will ship soon. Just to verify, you indicated right-hand, so you do cast with your right hand and strip with your left hand?
      Thanks for your business.


      1. That’s correct. I cast with my right hand and strip with my left. My buddy Peter Scafaru recommended your system when I was complaining about how frustrated I was with stand up fly fishing from my kayak. Looking forward to trying it out on the marsh!


      2. Peter! Cool, my son and I enjoyed our trip with him. Are you his buddy that ties the toad flies? If so, that’s a great tie. Yes, sight fishing for reds from a kayak in the “Land of Giants” I know you will appreciate the Samurai System. I’ll have it out to you shortly.


      3. I don’t know if you’re getting my replies because they’re not posting to the website. I cast with my right hand and strip with my left. Thanks for following up.



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