Marsh Mellow

The term “Marsh Madness” is just about worn out, so this is just a note to say I am headed to the marsh and will soon be “Marsh Mellow”.  Hopefully I will have some fish pics to post soon. The fish will be small and spooky so I’m taking my light landing, deer hair imitation … More Marsh Mellow

The “Samurai” System, “Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast”

With the Samurai System, starting with a kayak paddle held in both hands, one can:  while standing in a kayak,  after sighting a fish, stow the paddle quietly  acquire the fly rod in the casting hand, and make a 40 foot or greater fly-cast (whatever length you feel safe to keep in the stripping bucket) … More The “Samurai” System, “Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast”

Woodland Plantation

Last December’s trip to Woodland Plantation, near Port Sulphur La, got off to a shaky start with storms cancelling some of the group’s flights and Monday’s fishing as well.  Rain poured down outside the “Spirits Hall” while we stuffed ourselves with delicious multiple courses. We all went to bed with full bellies but with rain … More Woodland Plantation

Jack Attack!

I had a great one day charter trip this week to Louisiana for Jack Crevalle with guide Miles (@shallowsouth) and friend Kyle.  My biggest fish was 31 lbs and most of the fish were from 25-30 lbs.  Considering that the state fly rod record is 30.56 lbs caught in 2002 and that fish was the … More Jack Attack!

Fishing for Stripers, “Down the Rock Island Line!”

  After my fourth of July success with white bass I monitored the river levels closely for a return to the 23.5 mark where I had found good water.  An online forecast comes out every Wednesday, published by the Army Corps of Engineers.  The forecast is very accurate, especially if you use it for only … More Fishing for Stripers, “Down the Rock Island Line!”