The “Samurai” System, “Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast”

With the Samurai System, starting with a kayak paddle held in both hands, one can:  while standing in a kayak,  after sighting a fish, stow the paddle quietly  acquire the fly rod in the casting hand, and make a 40 foot or greater fly-cast (whatever length you feel safe to keep in the stripping bucket) … More The “Samurai” System, “Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast”

New AK record

Originally posted on Craig Medred:
Seven and a half inche largemouth bass from Sand Lake/Craig Medred photo An Alaska state record largemouth bass was pulled from Anchorage’s Sand Lake over the Labor Day weekend. It measured about seven and a half inches and was a first-ever catch in the 49th state. No one is happy.…

Calling “Blue Sky” on Montana Post

I am plenty tired of the leftist media and the “hit jobs” they keep putting out.  Normally I stay out of the fray but I have to call out something I just read because it uses fly fishing to hit somebody. For brevity, see the tweet: Zinke had already rigged his fishing rod when … More Calling “Blue Sky” on Montana Post

Horseback Fly Fishing, Mayfly Hatch on Rez, FCS

I watched the first episode of a television series about a ranch in Montana.  I won’t mention names or include pics because I am not familiar with the vagaries of copyright law.  They call Montana the “Blue Sky” state.  Well I am calling “Blue Sky” on a particular scene which had cowboys successfully fly fishing … More Horseback Fly Fishing, Mayfly Hatch on Rez, FCS

Just for Skiffs

I created the “Samurai” System for kayak fishing but soon found out that it is for skiff fishing too. Of course I bank fish with it also.  Basically  I don’t go fly fishing without it.  I might practice on the lawn without it but if I’m fishing, I have it. My old system is looking … More Just for Skiffs

Shadow Bass

Originally posted on Mountains to Marsh:
I wanted to take a moment to profile one of the more unique fish found in Southeast Louisiana – the shadow bass (Ambloplites ariommus).  In Louisiana they are only found in the sandy creeks that drain the Florida parishes – you won’t find them anywhere else in the state.…