Big Jacks, Big Fun!

I had a great one day charter trip this week to Louisiana for Jack Crevalle with guide Miles (@shallowsouth) and friend Kyle.  My biggest fish was 31 lbs and most of the fish were from 25-30 lbs.  Considering that the state fly rod record is 30.56 lbs caught in 2002 and that fish was the … More Big Jacks, Big Fun!

Fishing for Stripers, “Down the Rock Island Line!”

  After my fourth of July success with white bass I monitored the river levels closely for a return to the 23.5 mark where I had found good water.  An online forecast comes out every Wednesday, published by the Army Corps of Engineers.  The forecast is very accurate, especially if you use it for only … More Fishing for Stripers, “Down the Rock Island Line!”

Pastafarians Rejoice!

My new foam stripping bucket is really winning the war against the dreaded “Flying Spaghetti Monster”.  Unlike Pastafarians who wear colanders in devotion to the “Flying Spaghetti Monster”, I use my new stripping basket to keep him away.    For those of you unfamiliar with Pastafarians, go to  this Wiki link.  Believe me I am not … More Pastafarians Rejoice!