The “Samurai” System, “Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast”

With the Samurai System, starting with a kayak paddle held in both hands, one can:  while standing in a kayak,  after sighting a fish, stow the paddle quietly  acquire the fly rod in the casting hand, and make a 40 foot or greater fly-cast (whatever length you feel safe to keep in the stripping bucket) … More The “Samurai” System, “Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast”

Good Day, Grand Bay

One of my favorite marshes is Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve near Pascagoula MS.  Otherwise known as just Grand Bay NERR or “the NERR” for short.  I like to call it the little marsh with the big name.  Juxtaposed against the urban development of Pascagoula along with ship building, a refinery and other heavy … More Good Day, Grand Bay

A Prophecy

I long for outdoor articles written in the style of Earnest Hemingway and Zane Grey.  The outdoor magazines were lucky to have such talented contributors. Their stories make me want to go on an adventure.  I am a “Hemingway wannabe” and proud of it. But the days of adventure stories are pretty much gone; the … More A Prophecy

Horseback Fly Fishing, Mayfly Hatch on Rez, FCS

I watched the first episode of a television series about a ranch in Montana.  I won’t mention names or include pics because I am not familiar with the vagaries of copyright law.  They call Montana the “Blue Sky” state.  Well I am calling “Blue Sky” on a particular scene which had cowboys successfully fly fishing … More Horseback Fly Fishing, Mayfly Hatch on Rez, FCS

Just for Skiffs

I created the “Samurai” System for kayak fishing but soon found out that it is for skiff fishing too. Of course I bank fish with it also.  Basically  I don’t go fly fishing without it.  I might practice on the lawn without it but if I’m fishing, I have it. My old system is looking … More Just for Skiffs