The “Samurai” System


The system consists of a stripping bucket, rod holder, line locks, fly keeper and paddle holder.


Kayak paddle holder (velcro for your paddle is included)
Paddle holder is removable via the velcro cinch strap
Paddle holder is removable via the
velcro cinch strap

The “Samurai” System is not just a flyrod holder, but a belt with a flyrod holder, a paddle holder, a stripping basket, and a VELCRO® fly keeper or “fly landing pad”.  The most important thing is “the system”, which is using all of it, to solve the problems one encounters when trying to sight cast with a flyrod.  I fish for redfish primarily, but all fish that can be caught by sight casting apply.

The “Samurai System” is primarily for the solo caster, especially if you’re on a paddleboard or stand-up kayak, but it is also handy, even though the padde holder may not be necessary, if you are on foot, walking a jetty or beach for example.  In those cases, the paddle holder on our commercial version can be removed via the VELCRO® cinch strap that attaches it to the belt.

I use my system regularly on charter fly fishing trips with a guide.  The stripping bucket, it goes without saying, is helpful on windy days and also on those days when the fishing is a little slow, I rig the system just like I do in the kayak so that I can rest my wrist from holding the rod and I also have hands free to take photos, change rigging etc.


The VELCRO® is important because the paddle holder should be large enough to accommodate different paddles.  Having the paddle holder a little larger than the paddle and having the slot on top allows the paddle to easily drop in.  Without the velcro, the paddles would slide. The idea is to get the paddle out of the way as quickly as possible and with as little movement.   A clip-on paddle holder, intended for attachment to a kayak but re-purposed and used on a belt, would be fine, but it requires force to push it into place, and you would be surprised how that extra motion in the boat can spook fish.

No longer available for re-sale.


the samurai locked and loaded

2 thoughts on “The “Samurai” System

  1. This system works so well by freeing up your arms to pole/paddle but also keeping everything within reach so that you never have to take your eyes off the fish. I cant count how many fish I have lost sight of and or spooked trying to set down a paddle or pickup a rod. The efficiency of having the rod, fly, and a place for the paddle all on the belt has remarkably increased my hookups. Thanks for designing such a great and simple way to have a better shot of getting the fly where it needs to be… in front of the fish!!

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    1. Thanks Kerry. I also used the system recently on charter trips for redfish and bonefish and though it wasn’t as essential as it is when solo fishing, it was nevertheless very helpful for line management and for resting my wrist during long periods with no fish being sighted. Of course, you and I both know, it’s really for the solo sight caster and its not at all about convenience, it’s about catching more fish by eliminating all the many mishaps that can occur.
      Thanks again!


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