Fun in the August Heat

I have a list of dates for Mayfly hatches on the Reservoir here in central MS. My phone lights up on historical dates and this week the phone lit lit up to remind me there might be a hatch. It was hot and still and muggy, which also seems to be a criteria for mayfly … More Fun in the August Heat

Solo Rodeo

Gar rodeo 2.0 this year was spawned by a last minute tip by a neighbor. I was out casting in my front yard and my neighbor had his grandkids out checking culverts for bullfrogs. Upon checking my driveway’s culvert (which usually holds a good-sized croaker) the kids became interested in my fly casting. The neighbor … More Solo Rodeo

Gar Rodeo Recap

Well the attendance was light. It was me and Steve. The good news is the registration lines were short. We were about 30 minutes late leaving for the river but we were driving in on the levee by 7:30. As per usual some cows were standing in the road on top of the levee with … More Gar Rodeo Recap