Installation Instructions

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The Samurai System for Sight Casting with a Flyrod

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Thank you, fellow fly fisher and sight caster, for your business!


The “Samurai” System is not just a flyrod holder, but a belt with a flyrod holder, a paddle holder, a stripping basket, and a VELCRO® “fly landing pad”. They all work together to solve the problems of the solo sight caster.
To get started you will have to first put your belt together.

Fly Rod Holder


The fly rod holder needs to be threaded onto the belt using the two parallel slots in the back.

  • The rod holder is intended to be used with the stripping bucket. In order to use the stripping bucket the rod holder and bucket must be on your stripping hand side, so for right handed casters, it will be on the left and for left handers it will be on the right.
  • Be sure the buckle and the opening of the rod holder face out.
  • Push the end of the belt through the opening nearest the buckle. Right handed casters, the buckle will be on the right, left handed casters, on the left. Remember, buckle facing out.
  • Keep pushing the end of the belt through until it loops back around to the hole. It will not come through on its own so use a pair of tweezers or needle nose pliers to grip the material and pull it through the opening.
  • You will want to cut the excess tag end of the belt to fit your waist size. To prevent fraying on the freshly cut end, use a lighter to lightly burn or melt the ends of the threads. A hot knife is a good tool to make this cut if you have one available.

Paddle Holder

SAMSUNGThe paddle holder uses the VELCRO® cinch strap for attachment to the belt. There are two slots in the belt. Feed the tag end of the cinch strap through one of the slots. Right handers probably would prefer starting in the right side and going left to right. After feeding the end through the belt, with the logo facing up on the paddle holder, feed the end of the strap through the paddle holder’s slot and then back through the opposite slot and then back through the belt. To cinch the strap, feed the tag end through the plastic buckle and then press the strap back onto itself.

Stripping Bucket

The stripping bucket is attached to the belt by way of VELCRO® on the back of the rod holder to the VELCRO® patch on the inside of the bucket.  An optional VELCRO® cinch strap is included which can be used to pull the rod holder tight against the VELCRO®.  This method of attachment allows fly fishers to yank the bucket off the belt from time to time, fighting a fish, sitting down etc, without taking the belt off.   Also using this method the foam does not get torn by stresses from the belt and it will last much longer.  The cinch strap in the stripping bucket is included because in some situations, like high wind, the strap will keep the rod holder from pulling loose.

The bucket bottom is loose so that the bucket can be broken down and laid flat for travel.  Just insert it into the bottom of the stripping bucket when ready to fish.



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