Bissett’s Mud Bug

I’m on a kick just tying well-known patterns. They will go in my box for my own use. Bissett’s Mud Bug is another pattern, like the Louisiana Toad, created by a well-known Louisiana guide and sold by Orvis at the local Orvis store and online, below:

Here’s mine. Maybe I clipped it too clean, but it’ll fish regardless.

I used some orange artificial streamer hair in the tail to keep the surrounding orange marabou from getting wild and crazy and wrapping the hook. I used another brown webby hackle but it looks like I should have used more or maybe I clipped some off trimming the deer hair.

It is tied on a strong Gamakatsu stinger hook in #1 and with large dumbell eyes because I figure this is a bulls fly and it needs a strong hook and it needs to sink quickly to get to the fish quickly. Big fish aren’t as spooky so the caster typically should drop it right in front of the fish and it needs to drop down quickly because the caster can’t count on the fish hanging around. Fishing for bulls in the big flats the guide might be using a trolling motor or poling with the wind and he can’t just stop the boat. The caster is going to get one or two shots before the boat blows past the fish so the fly needs to get down quickly.

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