Another Casting Tweak

Just this week I happened to bump into a video by Paul Arden on changing the grip during the cast. The maneuver is called the “Grip Shift” although there is what I suspect is a misspelling in the video’s title, “Shift” is spelled “Sniff”. I like Paul’s videos, I think he does a good job … More Another Casting Tweak

The Far Side

The Far Side comic strip by Gary Larson was always my favorite. The strip had a really unique sense of humor and I miss it to this day. Well, recently I learned how to get to the “far side” too, with a cast. Jeff Ferguson, an MCI and FFI Casting Board of Governors member gave … More The Far Side

Jackson County Now in the One-mile Exclusion Zone

I just saw this blurb in an “Advocacy Update” email from the Coastal Conservation Association, MENHADEN REDUCTION FISHERY OPERATIONS LIMITED TO ONE-MILE FROM COASTAL SHORELINES, EFFECTIVE MAY 1, 2022.  I think we still have a long way to go in protecting our Mississippi coastal fisheries, but this update is near and dear to my heart. … More Jackson County Now in the One-mile Exclusion Zone

Podcast: Don Davis of Interviewed on Kayak Flyer

My brother Don, owner of, was at the Sowbug Festival recently and bumped into a fly fishing/kayak podcaster, Shawn Seabaugh of Kayak Flyer. Of course I am a big fan of Don as he is my big brother. Don is the oldest of four brothers and I am the youngest. I have spent my … More Podcast: Don Davis of Interviewed on Kayak Flyer

“Blind” Casting

I have become obsessive about maintaining the casting plane. For me, to be truly obsessive about something, is unusual. I like to poke fun at OCD folks (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) by saying “There’s a fine line between OCD and ODD”. When people then ask, “What’s ODD?”, I say, “you know, odd!”. Probably the only joke … More “Blind” Casting

A Tale of Two Mules

My Dad told me a story that revolved around the untimely death of my grandfather. When Dad was eleven years old, my grandfather passed away while still a relatively young man, leaving my grandmother in pretty dire straits. It so happened the state was building a highway in front of the house at the time. … More A Tale of Two Mules