Gulf Coast Council Suncatch Challenge

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Suncatch Challenge coming April 1st

Posted on March 18, 2021 by Catch Cormier

Do you love catching bluegill, redears, warmouth or other sunfish species on fly rod? If so, the Suncatch Challenge is for you!

The Suncatch Challenge is an initiative by the FFI Gulf Coast Council to highlight the value of species diversity among sunfish in our geographic area, and the importance of conserving their individual habitats. It mimics the Fly Fishers International Cutcatch and Basscatch Projects in that it encourages FFI members to document the different species they catch and release. And in return, receive recognition for their achievement.

Participation in Suncatch is easy. First, you need to be an FFI member. If not currently a member, you can join online by going to and clicking on “Membership”.

Next, go fishing! When you catch any of the qualifying sixteen (16) species listed on our Suncatch webpage, take a photo of the fish with either the fly and/or your fly tackle. Then enter the catch info on the online form (again, at top of the Suncatch page). Email the photo to the listed email address. You’re done!

Of course, there are some rules about how and where the fish can be caught, and of greater significance, how the fish is handled and photographed. Realize that this is a conservation initiative, and as such, photos should demonstrate conservation priniciples. Fish lying in dirt, dead fish, ice chest photos, etc. will void entries!

There is no time limit. FFI members who get nine (9) of the 16 species will be awarded the Suncatch Award (TBD). There is also an All-Suncatch Award for that hardcore bream angler who is skilled – and lucky – enough to catch all 16 species.

For complete information, go to our Suncatch page. And check on our Facebook Suncatch Challenge group page for angler reports and queries.

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