Kentucky/Pickwick Lake Trip

Over the weekend I made a little trip up to the North part of the state and a little way into Tennessee to do a little fishing below PickWick dam, which the guide told me is Kentucky Lake. Unfortunately the water was high and muddy due to all the rains and we only caught a few skipjacks and a gar. We just couldn’t get our heavy streamers down deep enough, but even then the fishing was slow for gear fishermen too. The guide tried finding them for us with a giant “umbrella rig” but even with that contraption he managed only a few for the entire day.

We were using heavy bucktails and I even resorted to using two of the heavy flies at a time to get down deep. My nine foot leader was going down and pulling four to five feet of fly line but that was only good enough to hook me up with a pretty big gar. When the guide took us to what he said was the only “shallow” water he could find for us, I noticed that just beyond my casts was the top of a shed in a picnic area. The shallowest the boat’s depth finder displayed that day was 17.5 feet. With a swift current to boot, we were just barking up the wrong tree.

Nevertheless, me, my son and daughter-in-law enjoyed the blue bird day. I did get to enjoy casting a Helios 3D 8 weight which my Orvis store-manager daughter-in-law brought. It was handling my ridiculously difficult rig of two heavy bucktails quite easily, a testament to the rod. She also had brought a full-flex Helios which was very enjoyable to cast as well. The 3D provided a little more distance but the full-flex was no slouch on distance and it had a nice feel. I just wish I could have put some fish on the end of it.

I am still thinking white bass spawn in the Bayou Pierre but timing it right apparently has the same odds of finding a Sasquatch in your backyard. The white bass on the BP will just be something to do after turkey hunting at my camp which is nearby. What has me watching the weather is the thought of a trip to the marsh where the fishing doesn’t depend so much on the spawn. With that in mind, I’ve been starting to stock up on some flies.

Something new I’ve been doing is making my own eyes to cut down on costs as well as just convenience. Two techniques I’ve come up with are just using my UV resin to make a blob, harden it and then put a dab of black on the back of it for a pupil and then put reflective material behind that. Also, my wife was using some furniture bumpers that are just clear silicon about the size of an eye so I scored some from her and I am doing the same thing with those.

Considering the prices of some of this stuff, you just have to come up with some hacks to save money.

Oh and I did find somebody that liked my bucktails in the office pond. Obviously they were tied heavy to find a catfish in six feet of water.

One thought on “Kentucky/Pickwick Lake Trip

  1. The eyes look nice. If you try for white bass then fish late in the evening toward a full moon this month. Go to a black clouser or other jig like fly. I used to catch white bass running up a creek to spawn this time of year. They tended to feed at night in the creek as they spawned, but not during the daytime. I caught a bunch on black crappie jigs.


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