Stripes are Next

Crappie fishing is just getting going good but the striped fish are also about to get started. White bass are primarily only found in Mississippi in rivers that connect to the big river of the same name. Unfortunately, here in Central MS we have fewer options for white bass than the northern counties with the big impoundments. For example, the Barnett Reservoir is a big impoundment that has stripers but no white bass. The closest white bass fisheries to us fly fishers here in Central MS are the Bayou Pierre and the Oxbow lakes of Chotard/Albermarle. Concerning the Bayou Pierre, I find myself reading one particular article every year and wishing I could duplicate the white bass fishing the article is about. The article is I’ve tried to use this article to get into some white bass but I’ve only had marginal success. The white bass spawn, like most everything, is an index and it largely depends on the status of the Mississippi river in the Spring. It’s hard to know what the Mississippi River is going to do but it is supposed to settle down some next week, so opportunity is knocking and I’ve been tying some flies that I know they will like, clousers and bucktails weighted in various weights:

I will report back if I find any of the “stripes” as they call them down in Port Gibson.

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