Crappie Fishing Heating up at the Rez

I had business in Ridgeland late yesterday and afterwards I took the opportunity to stop by Red Dot road which is a jetty with a road on it which protects the main harbor. There were a handful of trucks so I had no trouble finding a spot. I took up a spot before sundown and began casting a microjig using the Tongoriro roll cast to keep from snagging any of the many passers-by. I had no luck until after dark when this crappie grabbed my fly just a few feet off the rocks. I know others at the Rez have been catching fish and this fish shows that they are coming to the rocks. Fishing after dark is probably the most productive.

Members at our club’s crappie workshop were asking “where to go” so Red Dot road is one obvious choice as fishing is allowed there, as opposed to many of the docks and roads around that are clearly labeled as “no trespassing”. Of course the parks are a good place too. Overhead casting is ill-advised as there are cars, walkers, baby strollers and joggers on the road. Just a good roll cast is all you need and the Tongoriro is the best as it will get your fly further than you even need.

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