Making the Best Of It

We were very disappointed when the snow and ice from the recent storm put the kibosh on our Crappie workshop and first fly fishing club meeting of 2021. Looking on the bright side, I am sure the fishing would have been pretty poor Saturday due to the cold water and the good news is that it only takes a warm day to get them moving again. Today I caught this one and hooked two others off of a stake field that Albert and I installed Saturday. If and when Mother Nature decides we can have a meeting, the fish are there and the good news is the stakes we put out are holding some fish. All stakes were placed just a good fly cast from the bank.

The stake field was Albert’s idea. As our official crappie aficionado, Albert is often thinking about crappie and how better to catch them. Saturday afternoon he and I cut some bamboo or blue cane, not sure which, and placed the stakes a good fly cast from the bank. The stakes are under the water to keep other fisherman from knowing where they are but we will be happy to share that information whenever we do our workshop.

Postscript: 2nd day fish

Hard to see but there are two pieces of tape on the rod, the edge of the tape is the marker, first tape 14 inches, 2nd tape 16 inches, she is 16 inches and some change.

Caught this beauty just a few feet off the bank just Czech nymphing a micro-jig.

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