Cabin Fever Tying

Between Covid and now the cold I’ve been doing some tying. As i sit here, extreme cold and a wintry mix of ice and snow are falling outside and it’s only expected to get worse so I’m making an effort to put some flies in the box.

Borski Redfish Slider

Rabbit zonker tail with coyote body. Yes, in this case the rabbit is chasing the coyote.

I was stir crazy and walked through the snow to the neighborhood ponds to try them before they completely freeze over. No bueno, the fish weren’t having it. But, I experienced two things as a deep South (Mississippi) fisherman I’ve never previously experienced.

Ice in the guides
and seeing the six sides of a snowflake. In Mid-Mississippi it usually snows right around freezing and the flakes are clumped or melted and refrozen. Today though it was snowing .and twenty degrees and the flakes were perfect.
EP crab
Muddler Mayfly tied for reservoir Hexagenia Bilineata
This may not look Mayfly-ish but this is a secret weapon on local water to catch bream blitzing on the big Hexagenia Bilineatas of the reservoir. In the turbid water we have found that a twitched white white popper attracts strikes and, more importantly, hooks the fast hitting bream. I’ve just made it look more like a cripple by making it with an articulated tail. Also added on the bottom are the colors of the spinner (not shown (secret)).

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