Gran Macho Amarillo Ciervos del Pantano

Ragsdale Hunting Club

Many of you who know me may also know that I have been wanting to harvest a big swamp buck with my bow.  I also have wanted to bag one that was one of the light colored or what I call “yellow” coats that I have seen and admired from a distance.  The color phase I am talking about is not vastly different from the typical deer color but it’s lighter and sometimes the top of the head is as blonde as any bleached blonde you might see on the beach.  I have only seen the color phase in the Delta in swamp bucks.  Some may say it’s not a real thing, this light or “yellow” color phase, but I see it clearly.

Now,  in Texas, due to the Spanish influence, they often refer to a big whitetail buck as “El Muy Grande”.   The Spanish word for yellow is “Amarillo”.  …

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