Happens Every Year!

Ragsdale Hunting Club

Chris and I are notorious for taking a buck on Christmas Eve.   Our Mississippi rut happening around Christmas gets us in trouble with family, but when I look back, not hunting on Christmas eve would have cost us a lot of bucks.  This year was no different.  This time it was dear old Dad.

The day started out great with us spotting a bald eagle hanging around our hunting area, which is in the Delta.


The morning and mid-day was uneventful though hogs were close by.  At 4:30 PM a  large bodied buck with a strange right side antler walked out to feed under a Nuttall tree.  (I love Nuttalls, many of the trees hold their acorns until late January, dropping a little all along.)

I wasn’t sure about shooting this buck because I had already lost one wounded buck this year and the buck, though big in body and…

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