Podcast: Don Davis of Breambugs.com Interviewed on Kayak Flyer

My brother Don, owner of Breambugs.com, was at the Sowbug Festival recently and bumped into a fly fishing/kayak podcaster, Shawn Seabaugh of Kayak Flyer. Of course I am a big fan of Don as he is my big brother. Don is the oldest of four brothers and I am the youngest. I have spent my life looking up to and admiring him. Don is an excellent fly fisher by the way and I have many fond memories of fishing the Bogue Homa in South Mississippi with him.

It’s only natural that I enjoyed this podcast but I think anyone that knows Don would enjoy it as well. I know many of the Magnolia Fly Fisher club members have met Don or buy flies from him. I think if you enjoy bluegill and/or bass fly fishing, you’ll definitely enjoy it too:

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