Jackson County Now in the One-mile Exclusion Zone

I just saw this blurb in an “Advocacy Update” email from the Coastal Conservation Association, MENHADEN REDUCTION FISHERY OPERATIONS LIMITED TO ONE-MILE FROM COASTAL SHORELINES, EFFECTIVE MAY 1, 2022

I think we still have a long way to go in protecting our Mississippi coastal fisheries, but this update is near and dear to my heart. Hancock and Harris counties have been in a 1-mile exclusion zone for some time but commercial Menhaden fishing in Mississippi was allowed to come right up the Grand Bay marshes in Jackson county, which meant that sport fish have been negatively affected by those operations. Hopefully this means the recreational fishing will begin to improve in the area.

From The Advocacy Update of the CCA:

MENHADEN REDUCTION FISHERY OPERATIONS LIMITED TO ONE-MILE FROM COASTAL SHORELINES, EFFECTIVE MAY 1, 2022. For years, Harrison and Hancock Counties have enjoyed a one-mile exclusion for the Menhaden Reduction Fishery Fleet operating in the Mississippi Sound. The same was true for the barrier islands since they are part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore (GINS). With the exception of Cat Island (May 15 to September 15 only), Jackson County now enjoys the same exclusion. This change was recommended in revisions to Title 22, Parts 3, 5, and 7, submitted to the MACMR which endorsed the change and Executive director Joe Spraggins approved. The comment period elicited no comments. There were other changes to Title 22 that you can find at https://dmr.ms.gov/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Legal-Notice-for-TITLE-22-Parts-3-5-and-7-20220301.pdf Menhaden is an important forage fish but this change protects the essential coastal areas of Jackson County from potential bycatch of predator species, the marine environment as well as interactions with both recreational and commercial fishermen. The third time is the charm since CCA Mississippi has recommended this change on at least two occasions. We thank the Jackson County Board of Supervisors for taking the lead on this as well as the support of Representatives Charles Busby and Timmy Ladner.

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