Nine Eleven Coast Trip (postcript)

I remember 9-11 2001 so distinctly. It was a beautiful September day, not unlike tomorrow will be…

Well, I hope nothing happens like it did then. In light of current events, I can’t really be optimistic. But I’m living my life, in spite of current events… and the current people running things…


Had a great time, should have had six in the boat rather than just two. Had two rejections where the fish took the fly and just blew it back out before I could set the hook (I changed flies), two where I cast the fly too close and spooked the fish. I had several other opportunities where I saw fish but the fish got spooked by the boat or was just nervous and wouldn’t cooperate. All of that is just as much fun as catching them when you’re sight casting. My tidal calculations were perfect, the water was dirty but when it got shallow on the shelves I could see them, although it was hard. There were lots of shrimp, baitfish and crabs and the redfish were crashing them. That’s how I found all my fish, heard them crashing and just went and found them.

It was a great 9-11 memorial. I was out enjoying my freedom, which I still have, in the face of the people that want to take it away. The current people in power are doing their best to take it away and make us all communists in a one world government. Screw that.

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