Will Consider

It’s almost been five years since I entered project 4248 in the MDEQ portal proposing to protect and restore the MS Point-Aux-Chenes shoreline and “possibly” the Grand Battures.  I have been trying to make noise, though I admit I’m not very good at this sort of thing.   My most recent attempts at funding a study which could be used to better support the project were all failures.   But I recently commented on the $10 million amended plan for Grand Bay and low and behold I got a response to my comment regarding my project, “will consider”.

That may seem like an extremely lean response.  It is.  But it’s actually the only response I’ve gotten.  I guess it’s too soon for a tattoo? “Will Consider”

I am glad to see RESTORE money making its way to Mississippi’s last pristine estuary, but I sure would like to see  some headed  for the leading edge of the marsh.  I guess you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.




I will continue to beat the drum.  Anybody that wants to join in just let me know.

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