Colluding with Russians for Better Fly Line Management

Unlike President Trump, I’ve been colluding with the Russians. And I like it! Yep, they seem to have something I’ve been looking for.  It won’t replace my stripping bucket, and certainly not my sight casting system I’ve developed, but this sure will travel better. It has a very vanilla name, the “fly fishing line holder”, which just doesn’t have the pizzazz of “Samurai System”, but then there’s no cultural appropriation either. Seriously, I bought this little clip for $9.   Manufactured by 3D printer and shipped to me all the way from Krasnoyarsk, Russia.



Below is a photo of me using it. Sorry for the poor photo work but its hard to take a picture of oneself (although I understand lots of folks do that now). I have to say, this clip works pretty darn good. See those fly line eating rocks I’m standing in? I wouldn’t dare fish there without my stripping bucket before, but this little cheap clip worked like a charm and kept my line out of the rocks. And it cost nine dollars!


Another product from New Zealand developed by Peter Hayes called the “stripper clipper” is something I have been interested in for a while but it was more than I wanted to spend ($145 Austalian, approx. $109 U.S.) to just try something.  The price was right on this little thing.   It does not inhibit casting (well, a little) and it didn’t take any time to get accustomed to it.  Not sure if it would work where there’s a great deal of wind whipping around like on the deck of a flats boat, but it was pretty windy out when I was trying it and I had no problem. 

I’ll keep checking it out and report back.   I will definitely have this in my bag on trips and I’ll keep it around the office so I can just step out on the lawn and cast into the office lake without worrying about the typical bank fishing issues of rocks, mud, goose poop, weeds, etc.  Will I be getting rid of my “Samurai” bucket? The answer is Nyet.

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