Another Adventure on the Big Muddy

I made another visit to the MS River  this weekend with my son and a buddy’s son.   The gauge at VB was 19.4 which is a little too low, but there were three nice roils through the rocks other than the notch.


The white bass weren’t home but some stripes were present, my friend’s son found a couple, the best was 5.4 lbs.  Checking this fish for tooth patches, the fish below had two and he looked like a striper rather than a white bass but I think he was a hybrid, considering the broken lines and chunky body.



Unfortunately all I could find in the jetties was a Gaspergou.


The “Samurai” System is a very important piece of equipment for me on the jetties.  The rocks really love to eat fly line.




We walked across the island to the main channel and found a nice little hole that I felt should have had fish all over it, but, no luck. We then found a stagnant hole in the island with a shallow inlet from the river that was full of big gar.  My son found it and caught six before coming to get me and my friend’s son and I hooked up several times and then caught a nice short nose gar.  That’s one thing about the MS river, you can easily find all of the different species of gar and one will find more alligator gar there than any other place.  No pics of the gar because it was raining and the phones were bagged up.

Finally a massive thunderstorm ran us out, but not before trapping us in the open for over an hour while we huddled under a small willow.

On the way out we captured these two enjoying the cooler temperatures left by the thunderstorm:



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