“Samurai” System for Guides!

I sent a system to one of my favorite Louisiana redfish and Jack Crevalle guides, Miles Larose.  My buddy Rusty Hook booked a trip but I couldn’t make the trip with him and Miles had just received the “Samurai” System I had shipped him. He put it on and was wearing it with rod in the holder, line locked with shooting line in the bucket while he poled Rusty around.

Well,  guides don’t normally fish but Rusty Hook had to change flies and of course, Mr. Redfish came swimming by while Rusty was in the middle of his tackle change.  Rusty told him to go for it so Miles, from the platform, pulled a “Samurai” move and caught the fish.  Hopefully I’ve created a follower.  I’ve never thought about the man on the poling platform wearing one, but it only makes sense, you can’t keep a fly rod ready and handle a 22 foot long graphite pole without an assist of some kind.  I saw video of Flip Pallot poling with a short spinning rod stuck in his back pocket,  and I know why, without a “Samurai” System, a flyrod up there would be unmanageable.  The “Samurai” system allows someone to pole a boat and have a flyrod ready as Miles just proved.  Miles likes to use a paddleboard and I am sure he’ll really appreciate the system when he tries the system from his SUP.


Of course guides don’t normally fish when guiding, but they all fish recreationally themselves and they usually fish together so I can see where a guide, poling for his guide buddy, might use the system to keep a flyrod handy.  Recreational folks with their own boat might do the same.  Of course, one would have to be pretty skilled.  I looked for a photo of  someone who had guided me in the past on a platform and I found the photo below of Shawn O’Reilly who guides out of Andros.  Obviously there is not a lot of room up there, 22 foot pole and all, especially with a big guy like Shawn.   It shows how skilled Miles Larose is and how a skilled fly fisher can make good use of the system.


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