Busy Spring Ahead for SFS



The foam and pvc chips are flying in the shop.   One “Samurai” System is headed to the San Diego Fly Fishing Club to be given away at their June fundraiser, one to Texas and several will be headed to the Sowbug Roundup in March where  the “Samurai” Fly Shop will be working with our distributor Breambugs.com. Good news, demo’s of the SS will be performed at the Roundup.

On other fronts, I stepped out to the 16 acre lake in front of my office the other day after a huge rain.   The geese had been visiting regularly and if you look in the photo below you may notice a dark green substance which had washed down to the rocks.  It was everywhere, no avoiding it.  I had on rubber boots and of course my fly line was going in and out of the stripping bucket so I didn’t have to handle fly line with that green substance on it. But since most folks drop their line on the ground, it made me wonder how they would handle this situation.  Everybody keeps telling me they just use a wet towel for fly line management.   Uh, I don’t think so.  Also note the sharp rocks.  With my stripping bucket, the rocks are no problem.  Without the bucket, well those rocks are slag from a refinery.   We used them on the shore because they are sharp and hang up on each other which keeps them from falling away in to the lake.  They would love to cut and skin my fly line if given the chance.

What I’m saying is, the “Samurai” System is designed for sight casting but I use the stripping bucket everywhere now and I wonder how I ever got along without it.   That’s my old bucket in the pics, somewhat worse for wear but still very functional.

Even more functional now.  I added a place in the front for my GoPro.  Works good.

It helps in those times when you want to get some video but you don’t have a buddy to do the camera work for you.

Also, all new buckets come with the plastic loops like the photo below.  It just works

Bottom of bucket

better and it is highly configurable too.  If someone finds a loop that’s hanging up they can just push some slack in the line and adjust the loops.  I always take the bucket out and cast with it before shipping to find tune it, but you can adjust it if you find anything that needs it.




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