New SS Stripping Bucket

Is it a bucket or a basket?  There’s no wikipedia result for “stripping bucket” or “stripping basket” so until the National Standards Institute comes out with a ruling I’m using the term “bucket”.  I am happy to say that I have worked out an optimum stripping “bucket” solution for the “Samurai System”.  I haven’t been so happy with anything since I came up with the line locks for the SS rod holder.

My new bucket is made of EVA foam, very soft, very light, easily attaches and detaches from the rod holder on the belt.   It hangs straight, loads so easily I can strip the line straight into the bucket while tempting and working a fish.  The rod holder can be angled to your liking and held at that angle with a strap and velcro on the bottom of the rod holder.

It is giving me the results I have been wanting since I started on this quest.   I haven’t been out on the water in the kayak with it yet, so a few field testing trips are in order to Galveston TX and Grand Isle, LA.  Have GoPro, will travel.  Stay tuned.



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