See the Fish, Catch the Fish

Talking about the Samurai system doesn’t seem to always get my message across, so this weekend I put my new GoPro to work to try and capture the system in action.  Its hard enough solo fishing with a fly rod in a kayak with the wind “helping” me every chance it gets, but the videographer task added another level.  I was lucky enough to capture one good sequence:

SS 1 see the fish
See the fish
SS 2 stow the paddle
Stow the paddle (keep watching the fish)
SS 2.5 reach for rod
Reach for the rod (keep eyes on the fish)
SS 2.75 grab the rod
Grab the rod (eyes still on fish)
SS 3 grab the rod
Line is under the hand and has pulled loose from the line lock grommet, the loose shooting line is now free. (eyes > fish)
SS 3 pass rod to casting hand
Transition the rod to the casting hand, making sure the line goes under the fingers. (eyes on fish)
SS 5 feel for leader
With eyes on fish, (trying to make a point here) feel for the leader which is still tight from the rod tip.
SS 6 follow leader to fly
Grab the fly, just pull on it to free it from the fly landing pad (eyes/fish)
SS 5.5 find the leader
The Samurai System got us here, once the fly is loose, its down to good casting and …the fish.
SS 8 the fish
That’s the idea, catch the fish.  Believe me, there’s still plenty enough ways to spook a sighted fish for it to remain sporting. After the Samurai System eliminates the most common mishaps, you’ll catch more fish… it”s that simple.

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