MeatEater’s “Das Boat” is Breath of Fresh Air

I long for the really well written outdoor stories of Zane Grey, Hemingway, William G. Tapply and others. For the same reason I miss the well-written and produced outdoor TV shows like Walker’s Kay Chronicles and Spanish Fly.

When my son called and told me I had to watch Das Boat which is a fishing spinoff from Steven Rinella’s well-known hunting show Meateater, I didn’t know quite what to expect. I was rewarded with an outdoor show that is well-written and well-produced and has a little of something for everyone.

It has a unique story idea which is to take an old boat, modernize it to make it serviceable and then hand it off to well-known people in the fishing world for them to modify it for their fishing needs and then, take it fishing. Both fly fishing and gear fishing is included and fish not commonly pursued are paid some attention. There is also a segment where some of the fish caught are prepared for a meal, “Meateater” style.

I have been really pleased with all the shows and I’ve blown through almost all the episodes. It is on Youtube so anyone can get it. I just thought I would pass this information on so more folks could enjoy it.



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