Project 4248 Area Goes out for Bids

I got an email today that MDEQ is going out for bids for 3 acres of intertidal reefs at Bang’s Bayou and 6.5 acres of subtidal reef at Point-Aux-Chenes Bay.  In other words, ground zero identified in the MDEQ portal project 4248 which I entered in November of 2014.   Don’t get me wrong, I am not claiming credit.  In fact, as little feedback as I received for my efforts I don’t think I can claim anything.  In fact, the only feedback I received was a “will consider” comment by the Mississippi TIG.  There is a saying, “you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth”.  I’m just glad that this work will be done.   My “Vanishing Point” might be saved and I am so glad for it.   I can at least feel good about identifying the need, working toward it and seeing it get done, whether or not I really had anything to do with it.  At the very least, I can stop feeling bad about not having done more.

Thank you to those out there that did listen and may have provided any nudges or whispers or just anything that helped this come to fruition.   This may have simply been an expansion of Dr. Cake’s oyster project and if so, thank you for any and all involved in getting it expanded to Point-Aux-Chenes Bay.  The coast will be far better for it.  I think we owe it to the Indians that left the shell middens that fished and hunted and lived in the area long before us.  They showed us with their shell middens that you don’t have to lose it if you take some efforts to save it.

Thank YOU!

FB post about GB project 4248 out for bids

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