Jetty Time Postscript

Well I promised a postscript  to my post “Jetty Time on the Mississloppy”.  I apologize, I started an update and then something happened to it before I published so I am now just getting back to it.

The conditions were beautiful:

The fish were pretty much absent.  I knew I was in trouble when I didn’t see but a couple of gar and no skipjacks were attacking my fly.   I did see hundreds of Asian carp in the shallows.  I took advantage of them, practicing my sight casting on them, even though I knew they wouldn’t take.  I did manage the following white bass.  Boy was I glad he showed up because I was thinking I was skunked!


Since the fish didn’t seem to be on hand I never launched my kayak, because its a lot of work in the summer heat.  I probably should have launched it as I could have done more scouting for fish, but the conditions looked so good I just kept thinking the fish would show up.   The video below gives you some idea of what it is like walking the jetty, no picnic really.  It will also give you some idea of why my system is really appreciated when jetty hopping.

The photo below shows the pretty water and the area I focused on and eventually caught the white bass, though I was hoping to catch more like 25 with some stripers mixed in, but it wasn’t in the cards.  That big rock makes a water break and an eddy.  The white bass and stripers lay below where the water comes through or they may be hanging out in the eddy.


The next photo shows a nice square rock which was my perch when casting in to the roil.


I really hate that I don’t have a better report.  When conditions get like this and stay for a few days, the fish find it and congregate.  I would love to have been able to make it back during the week but of course, work.




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