Goodbye Harvey Hurricane, Hello Jack Crevalle! (postcript added)

goodbye Harvey

Well it pays to be on the “do call” list when the weather is bad.  Destination fly fishers can’t fly or won’t fly and after the client cancels the guides go to the “do call” list of local fishermen that don’t have to fly.   Luckily I am on it and I already had been watching the weather and as soon as I got the call I knew what my answer was.   Considering the remnants of Harvey are hovering over my head in Jackson MS right now, this will be a squeaker, see forecast below:

jacktrip weatherJPG

So stay tuned, last year was an e-ticket, if anyone still uses that term, see below:



The weatherman was right, hurricane Harvey continued to move on up North and we had two clear and calm days in the Louisiana marsh.  First day was mostly searching for fish, second day had many shots, not easy shooting casts at those fast moving erratic wakes!
Guide @ShallowSouth below with one of two I caught casting to wakes fly fishing in LA. What a hoot!   Great fun and sport! More pics and story in upcoming post this week.




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