Lovin’ Them Bream!

I had bream rising to the surface all over a subdivision lake last week during the last twenty minutes or so of dusk. The bream were eating mosquitoes and were in deep water and shallow water, just all over the pond.  Before I go on any more about mosquitoes I have to mention something that happened on my vacation a few weeks ago. It was a conversation my wife had with a Rastafari in Bequia on our recent vacation. He was selling a lotion for bug bites. Cassie asked what kind of bugs and he said, “MUSK-WI-TOZE”. Cassie said, “What kind of bug is that?”

Anyway, the fish didn’t want anything but musk-wi-toze or whatever the little bugs were they were eating. I know my legs were covered in MUSK-WI-TOZE so I’m thinking that’s what they were after. The Brimski’s would even come out of the water trying to snatch ones that were flying. I put on an elk hair caddis and FINALLY convinced one to bite.

It is no surprise that the following evening I had a couple of mosquito patterns with me which I had tied from Grizzly hackle.

mosquito dry

And it produced this massive bluegill along with several other nice gills.  I put him and all the others back. That’s how you get big bluegills!

GAD bluegill
This one took the mosquito larva pattern I had under the dry fly

And how about this for a massive coppernose, the after dark photo doesn’t do the fish below justice, he was cool looking and massive.

Copper Nose Bluegill
This one liked the dry fly

I bank fish the small pond and the place where I fish of course has weeds, sticks, briars and even the big ant bed seen in this photo below.  The stripping bucket keeps me out of all that.  Also the rod holder is nice when I catch a fish because I can use two hands to deal with it, take photos, etc.  The convenience is nice, but the real reason for the “Samurai” System is that it puts fish in the boat when sight casting from a kayak or SUP.  Everything else is gravy!

stripping bucket and ant bed

Bluegill you don’t typically put on the reel, but as you can see, I bring’em in while putting the line in the stripping bucket.  So, once I release the fish I am ready to go again, back into the action.  No messing with the fly line on the ground.


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