The “Samurai” System for SUPs or Stand-up Kayaks

The result is what I call my “Samurai’ System.  One must “draw” the fly rod from the holder when a fish is sighted and that movement is akin to the motion of a Samurai drawing his sword.  The dramatic flourish of “drawing” the fly rod may even remind one of the famous Samurai Delicatessen skit hosted on NBC’s SNL site.  And, yes, “Samurai” is quoted for an obvious reason.


The system is not just a flyrod holder, but a belt with a flyrod holder, a paddle holder, a stripping basket, and a VELCRO®  “fly landing pad”.  The system can be purchased from in whole or part.  If you want to homebrew your own, I’ll show you how.  But the most important thing is “the system”, which is using all of it, to solve the problems one encounters when trying to sight cast with a flyrod from a SUP or stand-up kayak.  I fish for redfish primarily, but all fish that can be caught by sight casting with a fly rod, solo, apply.   The “Samurai System” is primarily for the solo caster, especially when on a paddleboard or stand-up kayak, but it is also handy, even though the padde-holder may not be necessary, if you are for example, walking a jetty on the Mississippi River sight casting to gar or on a beach watching for fish.

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